EIP Operational Group “Agroforestry in Zielava Valley”

OSA supports activities within EIP Operational Group dealing with agroforestry. Members of OSA are involved in the consortium. The agreement between the leader (Foundation for Lubelskie Development) and payment agency (ARiMR) has been signed on 14th June 2018 in Lublin branch of ARiMR. The objective of this operation is to develop and implement a sustainable model for the cultivation, harvesting and management of agricultural farm using a new agroforestry system (elderberry with pulmonaria and heath speedwell/Rosa rugosa and dog rose with cloudberry) and biomass heating system fueled by pellets. Supported farm is located in Sosnówka (East Poland). As a result, two new products (forest and agricultural) will be created, assessed in terms of sustainability and value chain and placed on the market using an improved marketing method.