Seminar “Agroforestry for Bioeconomy”

On 20th April, the seminar of BIOECON project “Agroforestry for bioeconomy” was held. 32 people participated in the event. Robert Borek (IUNG-PIB) presented AFINET project and Agroforestry Innovation Network. Rafał Pudełko and his coworkers from IUNG-PIB discussed spatial analysis, performed in order to describe marginal land use potential in Poland, including agroforestry scenario. Renata Kazimierczak from University of Life Sciences in Warsaw (SGGW) showed examples of innovations related to nutritional values of fruit bushes, considered to be agroforestry. Jarosław Stalenga from IUNG-PIB spoke of results of biodiversity monitoring on agricultural lands in Lubelskie region.