The first scientific seminar of Polish Agroforestry Association (OSA), 15th Dec 2016

On 15th Dec 2016 an OSA kick-off seminar was held in the Congress Room of Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute (IUNG-PIB) in Puławy. The co-organiser of the meeting was Polish Agroforestry Association and Polish Agronomy Association’s Branch in Puławy. The seminar was devoted to issues related to silvopastoral system.
Dr Robert Borek gave a lecture on “Animal production as an element of a sustainable intensification of agriculture in Poland on soils of low agricultural suitability”. The invited guests: Mr Zygmunt Sowul – farmer from Podlaskie voivodship and Mr Sławomir Jurak – Director of the Kępa-Puławy Experimental Farm of IUNG-PIB presented practical aspects of beef cattle breeding on wooded areas. During the discussion it was constantly underlined that sheep and beef cattle farmers in Poland receive insufficient support, in spite of existing programmes for rebuilding these sectors. It was stated that extensive breeding of the abovementioned animals may constitute a substantial source of revenue for Polish farms with large areas of pastures and woodlands. Read more